A centralized fundraising platform focused on providing Environmental, Humanitarian, and Immediate Relief aid for the people of Bali.

It's our time to give back.

In 2020, the Balinese people lost almost 80% of their national income.

BaliSupport.org is the island's first collective fundraising platform.

It is a system designed to increase awareness and raise financial support in a symbiotic way.

When you donate to one project, you give back to the entire ecosystem!

Through collaboration & mutual growth, we are able to combine and channel our efforts towards outreach and fundraising for projects all across the island.

Together, we are creating a foundation of financial support for sustainable, longterm solutions for Bali.

Will you join us?



Immediate Relief

It's our time to give back.

All featured projects on this platform have been carefully verified according to these criteria

Does your project need support?

Bali NGO and Associates work alongside registered NGOs and Aid Organisations in Bali to promote compliance, sustainability and collaboration in order to foster and enhance active responses to the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Our goal is to create cohesion between organisations on the island, so that between us we can assist as many of those in need as possible.

Just getting started?

Bali NGO and Associates can assist those who are looking to start a foundation or launch an initiative by providing legal advice and guidance.

Support for those in need

By making one donation, you are supporting an entire ecosystem.

How can I contribute?

Make a donation using one of Bali's first blockchain token systems (mobile app only).

Get Involved.
Spread the word.
Make a difference.

By sharing this message, you are supporting the collaboration and mutual growth of Bali's most impactful initiatives.

Our Team


Kaela Atleework


Kaela has dedicated her life to supporting purposeful people and projects across the globe. She is a California native, but spent the last 9 years living internationally & working to align global positive-impact initiatives in their efforts to form deeper bonds of connection, communication, and collaboration. In 2015, Kaela co-founded and launched the purpose-driven design collective Montaia.com. With an education in communications and psychology, and the experience of more than a decade of international team-building, Kaela now works as an international speaker, facilitator, and collaborative consultant.

Achintya Nilsen


Born and raised in Bali, Achintya is a Green School graduate of Indonesian/Norwegian descent. She began her path as a public figure after winning the national title of Miss Indonesia 2017. Achintya used her influence and outreach to fund projects that tackled the issues of undernourishment in West Java. She studied film and psychology in New York, before returning to her home country. She is currently living in Bali where she is dedicated to building the NGO Kerja Bakti, and partnering in the global launch of BaliSupport.org

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Our Partners:


A digital design collective that serves purposeful projects and people around the world.


An emergent community+venue that supports change-makers,
and thought leaders.

Kerja Bakti

A Bali-run NGO that structures clear aid programs to help people and entire villages in need.


A payment platform and financial ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet.

Karma House

A community hub combining transformational events and charity work powered by a social impact model.

Seven Stones Indonesia

Seven Stones Indonesia are a dynamic group of consultants, advisors, and realtors who genuinely want to help people with their investment needs in Indonesia.

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